The Ménière’s Disease Study

For more information and to see if you may qualify, call 888-205-5801 or click here to see if you may qualify!

The main purpose of this Ménière’s disease study is to see if the investigational drug reduces the number of vertigo episodes that patients endure.

Study volunteers must:

Patients who qualify for and participate in the Ménière’s Disease Study will receive lab tests and exams at no charge. The study doctor and study nurse will ask you other questions about your health to see if you qualify. Click here or call 888-205-5801 to see if you may qualify!

Study Participation:

About 160 patients will take part in the study. Each patient will take part for about 16 weeks and will see the study doctor about 5 times. Participants can maintain their current treatments for Ménière’s disease while participating in the study.

Participants will receive either the investigational drug through a single intratympanic injection (into the tympanic membrane of the ear) or placebo. Half of the study participants will receive the investigational drug and half of the study participants will receive the placebo.

Study participation involves: